Meet the team: Samantha Latchayya

It’s #MeetTheTeam time.

Full Name: Samantha Latchayya

Job Title: Leadership Team Coordinator

Time in the role: 10 Months

What’s something people don’t know about you? I absolutely love languages and can speak French, Spanish and Mauritian Creole.

Your role in a nutshell: I work with the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees to coordinate all meetings, projects and events, to ultimately facilitate the effectiveness of the charity. I’m also in the Safety Group and Employee Forum. Finally, I run the charity’s social media channels which is really fun!

Why do you like working for YCC? I’ve always loved to plan and organise things– inside and outside of work, so this role suits me to a tee. Every single day at Fresh Futures is different, which makes the work really exciting. Finally, the people who work here are so friendly that I always look forward to going into the office!

What’s one of your favourite work memories? I really enjoyed the Staff Thank You event that was held in Summer 2021. We took over an entire pub’s venue and ordered in dozens of pizzas! The theme of the event was VIP and we all had VIP wristbands and a red carpet to walk down. It was a great opportunity to unwind with our colleagues and have a good catch up after a tough year.

And finally, what advice would you give to people considering working at YCC? Prepare to be very busy, but also to have lots of fun at the same time! One great thing about Fresh Futures is that the hierarchy is really flat, so you can put forward your ideas and opinions and make a real difference – which is massively rewarding!

Contact Details: [email protected] | 07546 307 658