News Update: Fresh Futures Sees Supporter Win £25,000 Lottery Jackpot… TWICE!

We are excited to announce that Fresh Futures has been able to share the good news with one of our Unity Lottery players that he won the £25,000 jackpot, not once, but TWICE over just a few months!

With the odds of winning a prize being 1 in 63, Unity has some of the best odds of all society lotteries. This was the case for our first lucky winner who, just two weeks after signing up, was called by Sara Eltman, Head of Income and Partnerships at Fresh Futures to let him know he had won the jackpot!

We caught up with him and he said “I was amazed to win the Jackpot on my second draw. It made my daughter’s Christmas more magical than I could have imagined. But to win a second jackpot is the most amazing part of it. This lottery is for an amazing cause, and wins do happen. This will help me out with clearing my debts and getting through this hard time.”

Unity’s fundraising lottery platform is designed to give good causes the chance to raise money through their own weekly lottery and for every person that joins up, at least 50p of every £1 spent goes towards their chosen cause.

Here are some amazing reasons to play:

  • Tickets are only £1
  • You can buy a gift voucher for a loved one to join up
  • Unique lottery numbers mean only one person can win the jackpot
  • Individual odds of winning a prize are better than winning the National Lottery
  • In 2021 the £25,000 jackpot was won 8 times
  • Unity has seen the jackpot won twice in two weeks, it’s all in the luck of the draw!

To be in for a chance of winning the Fresh Futures lottery or to buy a gift voucher for a loved one to join up click here