Safety Rangers Takes Place at YCC’s Brian Jackson House for the First Time

Between 13th and 24th June, Fresh Futures hosted their Safety Rangers event, delivering safety sessions to 247 year 5 pupils from six local schools: Clough Head, Fieldhead Primary Academy, Lowerhouses J&I, Netherhall Learning Campus, Newsome Junior School and Warwick Road Primary.

For the first time since the event was developed, Safety Rangers took place at YCC’s Brian Jackson House in the centre of Huddersfield.

Pupils learned about the importance of a balanced diet and where to find important vitamins and minerals to fuel their bodies.

The event is coordinated by YCC’s Thriving Kirklees team and runs for two weeks at a time, every week day. The day is run by Katie Lockwood – Thriving Kirklees 0-19 Service Manager; and Jodie Kavanagh – Thriving Kirklees Service Support Worker in partnership with local services.

Working on physical health

Safety Rangers focuses on three key areas:

  • Practical Safety
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical health.

Each session is designed to educate the pupils to live safely; and the fun activities the pupils undertake ensure that the information is easily retained after they leave the event.

“I enjoyed my day because I learnt about something.
“I liked that you could be open with your thoughts and feelings.”
I liked that it was very calm and if you got something wrong it was okay”

Various Pupils who attended the June event
Learning about Emotional Health and Wellbeing from the team at Northorpe Hall. The pupils took part in a meditation exercise and discussed the importance of looking after your mental health.

Safety Rangers Sessions:

Morning Sessions:

  • Road Safety, delivered by Kirklees Road Safety
  • Anti-Social Behaviour, delivered by Safer Kirklees and West Yorkshire Police
  • Fire Safety, delivered by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing, delivered by Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust
  • Physical Health and Nutrition, delivered by Huddersfield Town Foundation
  • Physical Exercise, delivered by Huddersfield Town Foundation

Jodie Kavanagh who coordinates the event behind the scenes and facilitates the event during delivery, said that,Safety Rangers is made possible by a partnership of local services who give their time to deliver important safety and health messages to the pupils who attend. From the feedback, you can see that pupils and teachers alike find these sessions to be informative, useful and, of course, fun. We’d like to thank the aforementioned organisations for their help and participation, and we look forward to delivering again this coming October.“.

Safety Rangers runs four times a year, and usually takes place at Huddersfield Fire Station (winter events) and Dewsbury Fire Station (summer events). If you would like to learn more about Safety Rangers events, please visit our website.

Pupils sit down to learn about Physical Fitness from football players of Huddersfield Town

A fantastic event with vitally important messages, well organised. Would definitely recommend and wish to come again.