Thank You So Much: Companies Donate Unclaimed Client Funds

Did you know that companies can donate their unclaimed client funds?

Unclaimed client funds are sums of money which lie dormant in client accounts of many solicitors and accountants, for years. It’s often the case that the rightful owner cannot be traced, a company has closed or they have failed to provide instructions on how the funds should be dealt with.

Unclaimed client account balances cannot be used for any other purpose, so they can be a burden on annual audited accounts. If your business holds funds in dormant accounts, then we would be delighted to receive them to help us support the children, young people and their families that need us – and we can provide a suitable indemnity for individual client amounts exceeding £500.

In April 2022, two incredible companies did just that.

Ramsdens Solicitors donated £484.13 in unclaimed client funds.

Holden Smith Law donated £374.32 in unclaimed client funds.

Fresh Futures would like to take this opportunity to thank both Ramsdens Solicitors and Holden Smith Law for their very generous donations – and for considering our charity to receive the funds. These donations will play a significant role in allowing us to broaden our reach and deliver a positive impact to even more families in need over the coming months.

Learn more about how YOU can donate your unclaimed client funds HERE.