Volunteer of the Month: August

Volunteer of the month is when we get to shout about our amazing volunteers and the, quite literally, life changing work they do to help Fresh Futures run smoothly and effectively.

This month we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Helen who has been volunteering as a Community Friend for two and a half years. Helen has been an incredible volunteer and support to her friends, June and Joanne, and has made a positive impact on their lives through her uplifting, encouraging and motivating presence.

We caught up with Helen to hear about her Fresh Futures Volunteering journey so far…

How long have you been volunteering for the charity? Two and a half years

Tell us a bit about yourself: I work in an adult social care front door service. I am married with a son who is about to make the leap into University life.

Tell us about your volunteering role: I started supporting a lady with weekly phone calls during Covid, and when lockdown was lifted, my Community Friend asked for in-person meet ups; We now speak or meet up every two to three weeks. About a year ago, I was asked if I could befriend another lady who had asked for home visits, and I now visit or phone her every couple of weeks. Sometimes, I will take my friends out to places such as the cinema, shopping, or the garden centre.

What made you want to start volunteering with YCC? Like some of my family and friends, I decided to volunteer as a Community Friend during Covid when I saw social media adverts looking for volunteers. I also knew of others who were also volunteering and I was aware through my work of the impact that social isolation had on people.  

If you feel inspired to become a volunteer like Helen, or if you would like to volunteer in any way for our charity, please contact Fresh Futures Volunteer Officer, Daisy, on: 01484 519988 or email: [email protected]