Volunteer of the Month: September

We love this time of the month: when we get to shout about our amazing volunteers and the quite literally life changing work that they do to help Fresh Futures run smoothly and effectively.

This month we are giving a very special THANK YOU to Amarah Younas, who started volunteering just over a year ago for Child Contact!

We caught up with Amarah to hear about her Fresh Futures Volunteering Journey so far…

  1. Name: Amarah Younas
  2. Tell us a little about yourself? Passionate, kind, and helpful is the type of person I am. I use the initiative and put in extra work to allow effectiveness is ensured. I work collaboratively within a team, as I can complete tasks and my role. I have a patient approach and calm manner which is important when dealing with challenging situations, especially at times within the Fresh Futures. 
  3. How long have you been volunteering for the charity? I have volunteered for 1 year and 1 month. 
  4. Please explain your volunteering role in a nutshell: As a volunteer, I help deliver a safe environment for children and families. This is delivered through weekly contact sessions, and supporting (sometimes through words of encouragement) the carers to positively develop the relationship with their children. 
  5. What made you want to start volunteering with YCC? During COVID-19, it was really difficult to see others not being with their loved ones, either by separation or by the passing of their loved one. After the COVID cases and isolation had reduced, I felt like I had to give something back to the community. Hence, I searched volunteering places, especially within a family setting, and came across Fresh Futures. I read more into what the organisation did and was intrigued. I wanted to be part of the support that helped individuals reunite with their loved ones. 
  6. Sum up a typical day of volunteering for you? A typical day at the contact centre entails going into 2 or 3 sessions of either supported, supervised, or MS Teams meeting (for new families starting the contact centre). Sometimes, depending on the case, I even go out in the community with the team supervisor and observe the contact between the children and their carers. By the end of the day, I assist in cleaning up the creche/contact room, in order for the rooms to be presentable for the next families. 
  7. And finally, what advice would you give to people considering volunteering with YCC? Do it! You will not regret it, it is a good challenge and you will learn many things that will increase your outer knowledge about other families, and how difficult some of their situations are. It is a rewarding experience, and you know what makes volunteering even better? It’s the team at YCC, they will always support and teach you. 

If you feel inspired to become a volunteer like Amarah, or if you would like to volunteer in any way for our charity, please contact Lucy on 01484 519988 or email [email protected]